Employer Branding & HR Marketing

Company: Goodgame Studios

Founded: 2009

Employees in 2010: ~100
Employees in 2016: +1200
My period in this position: 2015 - 2016

Creative Strategy and Results

Creation of 360° communication measures. Achievements:
Attract international top talents

Increase of application candidate's quality, incoming application and contract signing
Reach employment objectives

Employee retention and satisfaction

Improve work space quality

Improve company prominency

Having an employer rating of +4* and being among the best company's to work at

Our people analytics team did an excellent job providing all data we needed to come up with the right actions to achieve the company's objectives.

The employer branding actions went from small and very simple, to large, original and complex.
These contained key messages for specific applicants and employee target groups.

Some actions were pure brand experiences, enhancing the presence and positive perception.

Each action was analyzed on result to improve further actions.

- +33% contract signing increase
- Globally more applications and 15% more qualitative applications (candidates to be interviewed)

- +30% more referalls of candidates from our employees
- +15% of likes of the corporate Facebook page through actions

- +4 from 5 points in Kununu employer rating in 2015


Managing production from concept to completion within time and budget.
Working closely with key relationships and peers.

Representing the company at events.

The HR Marketing team I was part of consisted of 10 people specialized in people analytics, marketing and feelgood management working closely together as the best team in the world.
For my part I could help my peers on art production specific topics when creating briefings to design contractors or technical questions and art feedback.

Internal collaboration partners:
HR Department (Recruiter, Talent Sourcer, Onboarding, Personal Development)
Overall department Heads / Leads

Internal Corporate Art, Event and Interior Design Departments
Facility Management
Corporate Communications
C-Level Management

External collaboration:
City adminsitration and  Chamber of Commerce Hamburg

Forge of Empires

The Settlers Online

Anno 1707 Online

Strong visual campaigns

Insights Communication

Original Guerilla

Social Media


Themed event car

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