Big Farm

MMO Browser and Mobile Game

+30 Mio registered players

Company: Goodgame Studios

2013 MMO of the Year:
Best Casual Browser Game

Creative Strategy

Very graphic and detailed 2D style.

Big Farm was the third farm game created by Goodgame Studios within two years. 
The gameplay was changed to improve 


On the visual side, assets have more detail, then the previous titles, Goodgame Farmer and Goodgame Farmfever. As a fact the company's art team became larger and each individual's skills grew stronger creating more sophisticated artworks.

Design Management

Initial Art Direction from 2012 - 2015.

Building up game-art and marketing-art teams.

Art directing talented artists with creative feedback on composition, style consistency, enhancing creative ideas on in-game assets, animation and UI. Responsible for marketing artists for landing pages, social media and marketing art.

Ensuring style consistency and quality throughout all media. Creating structure, workflows, pipelines and

assuring documentation of processes and styleguides.


Communication and cooperation with other departments, such as Developers, Game &System designers, Project Management, Q&A, Marketing and executive management to assure company objectives.