Goodgame Empire

MMO  Browser & Mobile game (Empire 4 Kingdoms)

+150 Mio registered player

Company: Goodgame Studios


2014 & 2012 European Games Award: Best Browser and Mobile Game

2013 MMO of the Year:

Best Strategy Browser

2012 BÄM! Award:
Best Online Social Game

Creative Strategy

Standing-out from competition by an exceptional art style.

Not round, but edgy! Not 3D but 2D!

Most games at that time were rather realistic or semi realistic. The edgy woodcut look stands out 

from everything else in the market, branding the game visually.
Its illustrative detailed look gives it an emotional warm touch seducing players. 

That art style, technique and specific type of artists, make it difficult to copy as a competitive advantage assuring a long term success in the market.

Design Management

Initial Art Direction from 2011 - 2015.
Responsible for managing two teams of +20 artists.


Giving artists creative feedback on composition, style consistency, enhancing creative ideas on in-game assets, animation and UI.

Directing marketing artists for landing pages, social media and marketing art.

Ensuring style consistency and quality throughout all media. Creating structures, workflows and pipelines and

assuring transfer of knowledge by documentation of processes and styleguides.


Communication and cooperation with other departments, such as Developers, Game &System designers, Project Management, Q&A, Marketing and executive management to assure company objectives.