Art Management

Building up a marketing art team to assure quality marketing material for the games.

Responsible for giving creative impulse, taking briefings and consulting Marketing Managers in their projects.

Art directing artists with creative feedback on composition, style consistency, enhancing creative ideas on marketing materials.

Ensuring style / brand consistency and quality.

Creating structures, workflows and pipelines.
Scheduling, breakdown of tasks, distribution of work and assuring delivery of assets on time.

Project Kick-off

Taking the briefing from our Marketing and Conversion Manager, I listen to what the objectives a landing should have, which analisis marketing has on the previous and current landingpages and what content it should have.

I make various quick sketches in the meeting all participants agree all on a rough idea of the visual content and composition. The sketch below, becomes part to brief of our talented artist Nicolas to create more refined concepts.


Above: Selection of Nicolas' concepts for review with marketing. By overlaying frames of screen resolutions, we make sure we have all important graphic elements within those of our target audiences.

Below: More details come in with the color sketch.

Final Artwork and Conversion Result

Above: Final vector artwork. With even more feedback I gave on details in content and composition. 

Below: Assembled landingpage with interface and animation of characters and animals. Voilà!

Animation, composition and storytelling of that new landingpage resulted in a lift of 2% in new pay user subscription in its first week.

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