Corporate Image Lifting

Company: northworks Software GmbH

Project: Redesign of logo and corporate website

Creative Strategy

Radical changes in rebranding a corporate identity is not always the most effective. Some tiny tweeks are sufficent to modernize a corporate's image or positioning. Think of Mc Donald's changing only from red to green, the german train company Deutsche Bahn and Coca Cola's wave graphic.

For northworks the logo needed to be modernized. 
I kept the strong typeface and the icon was simplified to 
a circle and using direct color only.

Slight change in the color, a warmer yellow tone and a less darker black for the typeface.

The the new icon enhances the possibilites in application on different supports and techniques, the serrates of the old icon were often a problem when embossed and ploted in small size. 

The logo has become more contemporary with minor changes, making it accepted much easier by employees and customers without investing in a large communication campaign to inform about the change or keep popularity.

The new website uses its corporate colors bravely in harmony alongside the product's branding. 

The overall structure and each page copy has been reworked by reducing text and to display information better. The focus is now set to promote the company's game products more effectively.
The design also consisted on the longterm making it able to make chages and updates simple and quick.




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