Startrail Destiny

Game: 3D real time MMO PC client - between mid core and AAA
Release: 2019
Company: northworks software GmbH / Travian Games Group

Art Management

Art Direction and Art Production Planning


Creating the game‘s look and feel.
Building a team of Concept, UI and 3D artists.
Art Production and Ressource Planning.

Responsible for planning and organizing sprints, tasks breakdown, balanced distribution and time management with Kanban and Microsoft Project. Creation of workflows, structures and pipelines within an agile environment.

Giving daily creative feedback, assuring asset production quality, delivery on schedule and budget.

Keeping collaboration close to other departments (Developers, UX, business analytics, project management, brand, management, marketing...) and executive management.



Creative Strategy

Standing-out from competition by an exceptional look and customization features.


All spaceship science fiction games look the same either inspired by grayish Star Wars / Star Trek or a steampunk appearance. 

I analyzed the market, competitive products and conducted surveys to check potential of different style proposals.

Designing the spaceships with inspiration of American automobiles of the 50's late 60's we created something, which hasn't been done before. It is visually memorable, attractive and creates emotions way beyond the target audience. 

There was no reference on the market, we needed to invent and we truly created something unique.

The large surfaces offer the possibility to customize your spaceship in color and add stickers.
This makes it a unique feature in that type of games and an additional source of monetization.

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